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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

There is a difference in choosing where you buy your insurance protection. Many people do not realize there are three sources for insurance. Our company provides the services of skilled and experienced agents who can give you unbiased professional guidance on the best policies and options.

Types of Insurance Agents

Independent Insurance Agents

Professionals like us represent many insurance companies. We compare the products offered by different firms to find and select the best combination of price, coverage, and service.

Direct Writers

These agents represent only one company. This means that you may not have a choice in the product nor the price they offer.

800-Number Type Representatives

Otherwise known as professionals who sell their product via phone call, these are representatives who may also be offering the insurance coverage of only one company.

A Vital Security Matter

Some people take buying insurance lightly. This is a mistake that should not be made. Your insurance policies protect some of your largest assets, including your home, automobile, and business. Take this into consideration when purchasing a policy. Having the right policy at the time of a loss is absolutely critical.


Consistent Service

The insurance industry is a service-type business. You can buy insurance from just about any agent. However, the difference is in the service you receive. At Silver Creek Insurance Agency, we will always provide you with outstanding assistance. Our experienced staff will always provide the professional and courteous service you expect.

Reliable Service From Start to Finish

We will assist you in reviewing and evaluating your insurance needs in order to provide you with the best possible solution. Representing many insurance companies allows us to “shop” for the best combination of price and coverage on your behalf.


Comprehensive Insurance Firm

Our company offers an array of services for all of your insurance needs. We offer you choices. We serve you first.

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